Ukraine's bioenergy is able to completely replace imported gas

This conclusion was reached by the participants of the field conference "Can bioenergy make Ukraine energy independent?", organized by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, the Ministry of Energy, Obukhiv District Council and the All-Ukrainian Energy Resource&Biotechnology Academy "VERBA" in Obukhiv.

"In 2020, we paid $7.5 billion for imports of petroleum products, gas and coal. Of these, only for gas - about $2 billion. This is a huge amount of money that could remain in our country through the use of bioenergy. The maximum gas replacement potential from bioenergy is 37 billion m3 per year. Only half of this potential is enough to give up gas imports, which amounted to 16 billion m3 last year," said Konstantin Gura, Acting Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency.

During the event, representatives of government, community, business, experts and the media also learned about the benefits of bioenergy projects by visiting two sites.

The first facility is an energy willow research plantation near Obukhov. 45,000 saplings were planted on 3 hectares along the road. The harvest is ready biomass.


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