The project "Great Modernization" of Ukrainian energy

Ministry of Energy together with international partners and experts will develop a list of key projects for the development of Ukrainian energy. This was stated by the Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko, opening the Ukrainian Energy Forum "Modernization of the Ukrainian energy sector for a sustainable and integrated energy future in Europe."

Ministry of Energy focuses its work on three main areas: energy security, European integration of our energy markets and the development of Ukrainian energy in line with the objectives of the European Green Course.

"Synchronization of the Ukrainian electricity system with the European energy system ENTSO-E is our strategic goal and it is a project that will be implemented both for the benefit of Ukraine and for the benefit of Europe. The synchronization of our systems and the final disconnection from the energy systems of the Russian Federation and Belarus is a kind of point of no return on the path to European integration",- Herman Galushchenko emphasize.

Ukraine can play an important role in the energy system of the European Union, as it has a large export potential that can be maximized by decarbonisation and modernization of the energy system.

"We plan to develop a "List of key projects for the development of Ukrainian energy". We communicate with European partners, as their expertise is very important",- emphasize Herman Galushchenko.

"I am confident that the measures we are planning and implementing will help Ukraine to make a breakthrough in the process of integration into the European Union. Energy always gives a stimulus to the state's economy: it is about jobs and prosperity of Ukraine as a whole ", - Herman Galushchenko underscore.

Source Government portal


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