The first improvements in energy efficiency in public buildings

Cooperation between the city Kaniv and NEFCO began in 2019. The main goal was to increase the energy efficiency of two city's educational buildings.

Reconstruction and energy efficiency measures were implemented in a specialized school of I-III grades with in-depth study of foreign languages №6 and a preschool educational institution № 6 "Teremok".

The total project budget is 26 million UAH (approximately 835,000 EUR). 500,000 EUR was provided by NEFCO from the Energy Saving Fund, 200,000 EUR was funded by a grant from the Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative (NUEE), and a municipal contribution from the city Kaniv was 135,000 EUR.

In addition, the implementation of thermal insulation in preschool №6 and school №6 was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine, which provided 21 ventilation systems with heat recovery as the part of the reconstruction.

Implemented energy efficiency measures will help to reduce energy consumption and cost savings for the city. Thanks to the implemented measures, the annual electricity consumption will be reduced by 7.8 MWh, and the annual heat savings will be 830 MWh. This will increase energy savings by 65% ​​compared to the situation before the reconstruction. The implemented changes will help to save 106,000 EUR (3.5 million UAH) for the city annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 300 tons from about 550,000 tons per year, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 54%.

Implemented measures in the renovated buildings include wall insulation, replacement of doors and windows. The roof of kindergarten №6 was replaced, and the school №6 was insulated and the heating and ventilation systems were replaced. As part of the roof reconstruction, about 5 tons of dismantled materials containing harmful asbestos were removed, and about 1,000 mercury lamps were replaced and disposed of in accordance with NEFCO policy and EU regulations.

This is the first implemented project in Ukraine, which was funded by a grant from the Norway-Ukraine Energy Efficiency Initiative. Cooperation with the city administration has yielded fruitful results, and the efforts of all parties involved have made it possible to implement the first energy-efficient investments in the city Kaniv.


The NUEE grant-funded initiative from Norway through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a total of € 20 million was launched in February 2020 and aims to expand municipal funding for energy efficiency in public buildings, strengthen self-government in Ukrainian municipalities and highlight steel. during the implementation of the program. NUEE provides funding for socially important municipal buildings, such as preschools, health facilities and schools, as well as projects that help vulnerable populations, such as internally displaced persons from eastern Ukraine. Learn more about NUEE at www.nefco.int/nuee

Source NEFCO

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