The efficiency of 240-MV SPP was increased thanks to control system

In Pokrovsk (Dnipropetrovsk region), a 240-megawatt solar power plant was equipped with a diagnostic and control system. The pilot project was implemented by DTEK.

The OD.Issay system increases efficiency and provides a generation increase of 4% per year. It automates the station management process as much as possible. Original software, developed in collaboration with the company's partners, brings together and analyzes large amounts of information coming from different equipment.

Previously, staff had to process data manually, now the system does it automatically. The project also implemented the world's first automatic unmanned monitoring system for SPP equipment.

The new "drone" works autonomously - without an operator, 24/7 and in any weather. Performing a flight along a given route, the drone performs a visual inspection with an infrared camera, captures the data and sends them to the cloud portal for processing and analysis. The new technology allows to increase the accuracy of equipment diagnostics to 91% and reduce the number of erroneous departures by 95%.

The OD.Issay digital monitoring system allows you to constantly diagnose the condition of the equipment, work to prevent emergencies, reducing downtime, as well as simplifies the work of staff and eliminates the human factor. In the future, the company's specialists plan to scale the OD.Issay project for further use in other solar stations.

Source kosatka.media

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