Prykarpatska Wind Power Plant with capacity of 20 MW
General Information
Potential projects
Wind power
Settlement village of Tsineva, Rozhnyativsky district
Region Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
Total capacity
electrical, kWt
20000 Kwt
heat, kWT
0 Kwt
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization)
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization) Clear Energy LLC; 2, Soborna Str., Petropavlovsk Borshchagovka, Kyiv region, tel. +380(44)334-40-51
The Type of promoter Commercial project
Contact details Roman Mykytchyk, Business Development Manager, Clear Energy LLC, tel.+38(063)634-65-85; e-mail:
Project details
The current stage of project development Under development
Project description The main project indicator: the capacity of the wind power station is 19,99 MW; the area for the wind turbines construction and substation - 11.2 hectares, plain area; land destination purpose - for placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations; there is haul road- up to 6 km and the access road (existing road, both for the Solar Power Plant, which is nearby, and the Wind Power Plant) - up to 5 km; power transmission line length - up to 6 km
Project implementation period 1 year
Available documentation The land plot lease for 25 years
Approval Documentation Lease of Land Plot, Agreement on connection to the electricity grid
Project payback 4 years
Total investment
Euro 15000000 €
General Information
Annual power production kWh/year 34300000 Kwt
The type of financing source Private investments
Date of filling 11.07.2019