Memorandum on continuation of cooperation and optimization of the UAMAP

Acting Chairman of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency Konstantin Gura and Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Agency for Investment and Sustainable Development Yulia Usenko signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the fields of energy efficiency, energy saving, development of renewable energy and use of alternative fuels.

Thus, the parties confirmed their intention to continue joint work on the UAMAP Investment Card (https://uamap.org.ua). This is the first in Ukraine, created together with partners, map of projects in the field of energy efficiency and "green" energy. The Parties intend, in accordance with their competence, to exchange information and technology for the purpose of effective cooperation, and also seek to cooperate on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership and protection of common interests.

"UAMAP is not only a map, but also a tool that facilitates effective communication and interaction between all stakeholders: project owners, private investors and financial institutions, the state and other stakeholders," commented Konstantin Gura.

On the map you can get acquainted with the implemented and potential projects, with current news, legal basis and background information on the development and implementation of projects.

"UAMAP is a valuable source of information for investors interested in the potential and opportunities of working in the Ukrainian market. There are already more than 230 potential projects on the map that need more than 5 billion euros in funding”, said Konstantin Gura.

The UAMAP map can be viewed at: https://uamap.org.ua.

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