Land for growing energy crops in Vinnytsia region
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Land for the cultivation of energy crops
Region Vinnytsia oblast
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Project description Vinnytsia region is located in Central Ukraine, on the right bank of the Dnieper within the Podolsk Upland. Vinnytsia region lies within the forest-steppe zone. The soil is mostly podzolic (about 65%). In the north-east of the region chernozems predominate, in the central part - gray, dark gray, light gray, in the south-east and in Transnistria - deep chernozems and podzolic soils. More than 70% of the region's territory is plowed. According to the data provided by the State Geocadastre, as of January 1, 2021, there are 4,964 hectares of land in need of conservation in Vinnytsia region, including: degraded lands - 161.72 hectares; unproductive lands - 4,795.82 hectares; man-made contaminated lands - 6.84 hectares. Currently, the region consists of 27 administrative-territorial districts. Presence of degraded, unproductive and technogenic contaminated lands in terms of administrative-territorial units in additional files
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