It is planned to produce hydrogen for "green" ammonia in Rivne region

The industrial wind farm in the village of Dovgovolya plans to produce hydrogen to get "green" ammonia. The developers of the pilot project are ready to offer it to investors.

The wind project for the production of "green" hydrogen in Ukraine, the capacity of which will be built in the Varas district, was announced in April 2021.

During the conference "Transition from the "green" tariff to market conditions", the project was presented by MCL, a company that develops electricity generation facilities from RES.

The implementation of the project in the format "wind - hydrogen - ammonia" was presented by experts as a solution to the problems related to balancing, control restrictions and the implementation of the transition of RES generation from the "green" tariff to market conditions.

The future wind farm Volodymyrets will consist of 12 innovative wind turbines of 6 MW each, with a total capacity of 72 MW. The generators will be located near the village of Dovgovolya. MCL experts inform that the projected electricity production will be about 230 GWh per year.

With the help of electricity generated by wind turbines, water in industrial cells will be distributed to oxygen and hydrogen. Next, the obtained "green" hydrogen is planned to be liquefied and transported to the consumer.

Currently, the developers of the project are conducting technical and economic calculations of the site for the production of "green" hydrogen, namely choosing the type and capacity of the main (cell) and infrastructure technological equipment (including electricity storage and storage systems), the selection of land is taking into account the optimal logistics.

As the electrolysis process requires significant volumes of water, hydrogeological studies of groundwater reserves are currently being conducted at two potential locations where the future plant is planned to be located.

The project concept provides for 100% sales of "green" hydrogen. Such a partner can be, for example, PJSC "Rivneazot". In addition to one of the main Ukrainian enterprises for the production of ammonia and ammonia fertilizers, other possible options for the sale of hydrogen are being worked out, including for the GTS of Ukraine.

The company's experts inform that the development of the section for the production of "green" hydrogen is carried out jointly with representatives of several European companies for the production of electrolyzers. This will allow us to move from theory to already implemented practice.

According to MCL experts, the project should be implemented within 2023-2025. The implementation of the pilot is expected to involve foreign capital, so the team is actively working to find investment partners. The project is currently being implemented at MCL's own expense.

The developers emphasize that the implementation of the pilot project will reduce the financial burden on the budget due to the complete departure from the "green" tariff and will provide additional tax revenues from international investments and activities of the facility. In view of this, the developer expects state support for the project in the format of a loyal legal basis in the future "hydrogen" industry and the absence of bureaucratic processes in obtaining the necessary permits.

According to the head of MCL, the production of ammonia from renewable hydrogen is economically feasible both in terms of optimal logistics and high demand for ammonia as a raw material for the production of organic fertilizers.

According to Mykola Herasimenko, Head of MCL, the implementation of the multi-format project "wind-hydrogen-ammonia" can provide investment in the RES sector, additional tax revenues to state and local budgets, reduce environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the greening of the production process will allow the export of ammonia, ammonia fertilizers and agricultural products to the markets of the European Union, even after the introduction of the border carbon tax in 2023.

Source Ekorayon

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