Integrated program of ecological and economic development of Kobliv OTG

On June the 19th the presentation of the project of the Comprehensive Program of Socio-Economic Development of Koblivska OTG (hereinafter - the Program) took place in Koblivka Village Council. The presentation was attended by Koblivka village head, representatives of the Local Development Agency, chairman of the board of ''Sadok Cherry'', biotechnology company NVK Zhiva Chlorella and representatives of the Department of Economy and Investment of Kherson City Council.

The following issues were considered during the presentation:

  • construction and modernization of treatment facilities. Options for technical solutions. As the construction of treatment plants becomes one that pays off with the project;
  • complex energy-efficient solutions for processing the organic component of sewage and associated organic matter on the territory of OTG;
  • formation and development of organic production.

More materials about the Program at the link.

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