Experts opinion: Ecotransformation of coal regions

In May this year, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal announced the launch of two pilot projects for the fair transformation of the coal regions. For the implementation of pilot projects, the Ministry of Energy together with foreign partners selected two mines - the mine "Velykomostivska" in Chervonohrad, which could potentially become a powerful tourist cluster, and the mine "5/6" - in the east, in Myrnograd, which has the potential of a technology cluster.

The initiative of Lviv residents on eco-transformation of regions, decarbonization and use of low-carbon fuel is also being considered. These questions are answered in their article by Viktor Gorbach, Chairman of the Board of the Lviv Ecological Guard and Hennadiy Borovko, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Eco-Business Expert (e-mail: portartur7772@gmail.com).

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