During the year Ukraine launched 68 biogas plants

Among all biogas plants introduced in 2020, 28 - produce biogas from agro-raw materials, 27 - run on biogas solid waste landfills, 9 - produce biogas as a result of anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater, another biogas is obtained from the sediment of domestic wastewater, and more three stations are designed for the production of generator gas (classified as biogas stations). At the same time, 50 biogas power plants sell electricity at a "green" tariff.

As for the end of 2020, the total installed electric capacity of biogas cogeneration plants in Ukraine was about 105 MW, of which 103,364 MW operate at a "green" tariff, and the total biogas production is 230 million cubic meters.

Source Bioenergy Association of Ukraine

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