Construction of a solar power station with a capacity of 60 MW in Volodymyrets village
General Information
Potential projects
Solar power
Settlement Volodymyrets village, Volodymyretsky district
Region Rivne oblast
Total capacity
electrical, kWt
60000 Kwt
I stage (July-December 2019) - putting into operation 16 MWh; II stage (January-June 2020) - commissioning of 44 MWh
heat, kWT
0 Kwt
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization)
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization) Volodymyrets City Council
The Type of promoter Municipal project
Contact details Specialist on investment attraction - Kvas Oleg Myronovych mobile: + 38 (097) 827-613-9, office: +38 (03634) 2-44-11, e-mail: oleg-kvas-,
Project details
The current stage of project development Under development
Project description The project is envisaged the construction of a solar power station with a capacity of 60 MWh/ year in the Volodymyrets village, Rivne region. The project goal is to produce 66.42 GWh of green energy per year and further sell it to the general wholesale electricity market at a feed-in tariff
Project implementation period 2019-2020
Available documentation Currently, the target destination of 16 hectares land plot was changed to 14.01: "For placement, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings and structures of power generating enterprises, institutions, and organizations"
Approval Documentation Lease of Land Plot, Property Right to Land, Agreement on connection to the electricity grid
Technology Photo-modular solar panels based on polycrystals
Project payback 6,7 years
Total investment
Euro 60000000 €
General Information
Annual power production kWh/year 66420000 Kwt
Power price, UAH/MWh 4055 UAH
The size (euro, %) and the source of existing or assumed capital Annual rent for the use of land plot for 49 years
The type of financing source Private investments
Date of filling 30/05/2019