Heating pipeline construction for heat supply produced by the biogas complex in city of Zaporozhzhya
General Information
Potential projects
Settlement city of Zaporizhzhya, 10 D, Bazova Str.
Region Zaporizhzhia oblast
Total capacity
electrical, kWt
0 Kwt
heat, kWT
4800 Kwt
one stage - 4800 kW
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization)
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization) Biogaz-Ukraine, LLC; office tel./fax: +38 061 286 87 70; e-mail: biogaz_ua@ukr.net
The Type of promoter Commercial project
Website http://www.biogazukraine.com.ua/Default.aspx
Contact details Evgen Shtapura, project manager, tel. +38(066)711-11-42; e-mail: evgeny.shtapura@gmail.com
Project details
The current stage of project development Idea
Project description In 2019, Biogas-Ukraine commissioned the first stage of the biogas-energy complex for electricity generation. The gas generators made by Austrian company Jenbacher are installed as power generating equipment. Each engine is capable of producing 1,067 MW of electric energy and 1,202 MW of thermal energy. At the moment two engines are installed, and by the end of 2019, one engine will still be installed. In 2020, it is planned to install the last 4th engine, then the maximum thermal power will be 4,8MW. This project involves the construction of a heat supply network for the transportation of heat energy to the district heating system of the Shevchenko branch of the Misky Teplovi Merezhi (City Heating Grids) company in Zaporizhzhya city.
Project implementation period 12 months
Available documentation The land plot lease agreement, financial model
Date of filling 02.07.2019