Biogas complex 6 MW in Teofipol (III stage)
General Information
Completed projects
Settlement Teofipol
Region Khmelnytskyi oblast
Total capacity
electrical, kWt
6000 Kwt
heat, kWT
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization)
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization) Teofipol Energy Company, LLC; National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations code 40055521
The Type of promoter Commercial project
Contact details 12, Zhovtneva Str., Teofipol; CEO - Oleg Kushniruk
Project details
The current stage of project development Operating
Project description A biogas power plant with a capacity of 6 MW has started operating in the Teofipol village (Khmelnytsky region). The third stage of the biogas complex was launched by the Teofipol Energy Company. Biogas produced during the processing of organic waste from silage, sugar pulp and manure is used to produce electricity and heat. The useful supply of electricity to the third stage of the biogas plant is 52.560 mln kWh per year. The capacity of the first and second stages of the biogas complex is 15 MW in total ( I stage - 5 MW, II stage - 10 MW). The biogas complex was built at the expense of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and its own resources
General Information
The country of origin of prime equipment Austria
Date of filling 01.07.2021