Solar Power Plant in village of Vynogradove
General Information
Completed projects
Solar power
Settlement Oleshkivskyi district, village of Vynogradove (outside of settlements)
Region Kherson oblast
Total capacity
electrical, kWt
4037 Kwt
heat, kWT
0 Kwt
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization)
The Name of a Project's Promoter (enterprise/organization) Gelikon-C, LLC
The Type of promoter Commercial project
Contact details Gelikon-C, LLC
Project details
The current stage of project development Operating
Project description On September 13, 2018, Gelikon-C, LLC was commissioned IV stage of solar power plant with the capacity of 4,037 MW in the village of Vynogradove. The annual generation of electric energy - 4,077 mln KWh per year
Project implementation period 13.09.2018
Date of filling 16.04.2019